The Medicine Maker convenes experts to explore how key learnings from the pandemic could accelerate the development of cell and gene therapies

New York, USA, July 2, 2021 – Developing, approving and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines – at scale – in a matter of months is a remarkable achievement for the industry – and for society. While COVID-19 was an unprecedented situation, it revealed what may be accomplished under the right circumstances.

With this in mind, The Medicine Maker has brought together leading biopharma experts from Kite Pharma, Sangamo, Ori Biotech and OVID Health for the ‘Cell & Gene Therapy Roundtable: Learning from the Pandemic’. They discuss what they have observed and learned from the rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccines and how this can be applied to the development of new cell and gene therapies.

James Strachan, Deputy Editor of The Medicine Maker and Editor of The Cell + Gene Curator commented, “The COVID-19 vaccines were developed, approved and rolled out with remarkable speed and efficiency. With the cell and gene therapy field on the cusp of cures for solid tumor cancers, for example, we wanted to provide a platform for industry experts to discuss how learnings from the pandemic could be applied to cell and gene therapies and determine if the sense of urgency that has fuelled the vaccine development could be recreated to bring these advanced therapies to patients that need them.”

During the discussion, Jason Foster, CEO of Ori Biotech, observed, “COVID-19 did have an impact on many millions of people, but there are significant patient populations impacted by cancer too – 10 million people are diagnosed every year. We should be thinking about how to bring these products – which are incredible and offer curative potential - to patients from the very beginning.”

Panel member Aron F. Stein predicted, “Innovations build on each other and we're going to see a really huge leap in regard to the science and applicability of cell and gene therapy.”

The roundtable, ‘Cell & Gene Therapy Roundtable: Learning from the Pandemic’ is available to view, for free, here. You can read in full the April 2021 The Medicine Maker article that provided the inspiration for this roundtable here.


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