Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

We endeavor to produce the most compelling content, develop engaged global communities, and provide outstanding opportunities for our business partners.


By reporting on the latest research and applications, by discussing societal impact, by covering professional development, career and business issues, and by celebrating each field, we aim to provide professionals in key sectors of science, technology and medicine with both a primary content source and a sense of community.


Science, technology and medicine shape our lives and our world. At Texere, we promise to capture the triumphs, failures, opportunities, and challenges in these vital human pursuits.


The work we do at Texere is guided and focused by our beliefs and commitment to our employees. These values, based on employee opinion, reflect the culture and community we work in as well as the priorities of the company, each team, and our employees.


Agility: In our pursuit of excellence, we recruit the right people, with the right skills, attitude, and behaviors. We welcome collaborators, innovators, agile thinkers, transformational leaders, and passionate solution finders who, in an ever changing world, are ready to adapt, disrupt, and evolve.


Integrity and Transparency: We truly value open communication – internally with our employees and externally with our clients, contributors, and audience. We take pride in promoting honesty, curiosity, and transparency. We listen, we discuss, we provide feedback, and we continue to learn and evolve.


Accountability: We are passionate about our people and our business, and we consistently aim to deliver exceptional service. When we make a mistake, we acknowledge, we learn, and, importantly, we put things right and move on. We celebrate success – both individual and team accomplishments – and we pride ourselves on being ambassadors for our workplace.


Positivity: We have no room for hidden agendas, politics, and negative behaviors. We celebrate the unique qualities of our team and individual differences, and we allow everyone to be the best version of themselves.


Innovative: We work in partnership with our clients, finding creative solutions for their individual needs in our quest to make their products and services standout. We listen to our audience, always striving to deliver quality content that is useful, credible, accessible, and stylish. We are committed to find leading-edge solutions, deliver exceptional service, and achieve outstanding results.

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I am proud to work for a company with integrity – a company that operates by the values they set for themselves, their employees, their audience, and their partners

Stacy, Business Development Manager (US)