Our Team

We come from all over. We’ve done many things: scientists in the lab, writers on adventures in Tokyo, fishmongers, sales executives for Science magazine and more. Click on the photos below and see our stories.

Aby Bradley

Digital Producer

I work as a Digital Producer at Texere, but my job doesn’t stop there – I’ve edited videos, designed a hardback book, and been lucky enough to visit exhibitions abroad to tell people about what we do! With such a diverse role, I’ve been able to learn so much about creative driving forces at work within Texere. I love working here; each week brings new content and new challenges – and we have such a great office environment. Mondays are now a lot less grey.

Aleksandra Jones


Having edited several technical publications over the last decade, I crossed paths with quite a few of Texere's current team members, and I only ever heard them sing the company's praises. When an opportunity arose to join Texere, I jumped at the chance! With a background in literature, I love the company's ethos of producing genuinely engaging content, and the fact that it is so well received by our readers makes it even more rewarding.

Alice Daniels-Wright

Video Project Manager

After completing my degree, I was a typical ex-student: no job but full of enthusiasm. I’ve always been interested in organizing events, but knew it was a hard field to enter. And so, when an opportunity to join Texere presented itself, I jumped at the chance. One day I could be managing a project in the office the next I could be on a flight to San Diego! Not many people get to say that, and that’s what I love about my job!

Andrew Davies

Chief Executive Officer

My father was a Ford car dealer; I joined him (and managed to sell cars to my old teachers and headmaster!) With a passion for sales, I moved into advertising, starting in newspapers, and then magazines – first, in music (I met Midge Ure, Peter Gabriel and Lemmy!) before entering the pharma field. I then spent 14 years at Science Magazine, launching its European office. Next, I became Publishing Director at The IET before being headhunted by Advanstar as European Group Publisher of scientific magazines, including Pharmaceutical Technology and LCGC. In 2012, I co-founded Texere Publishing.

Brice Agamemnon

Audience Growth Strategy Manager

My career has seen me working in three different countries (France, Australia and England) with a variety of roles and industries. Saving elderly or confused people from ruthless salespersons as a sales verification representative, preventing money laundering via checks in an investment bank.Then I released my inner geek to work in digital for the past 7 years before joining Texere. Since joining, I have been involved in exciting projects and keep learning every single day with a passionate team which makes the strength of Texere.

Charlotte Barker

Associate Content Director

After studying biology at Imperial College London, I got my start in biomedical publishing as a commissioning editor for healthcare journals, and I’ve spent my career covering everything from early-stage research to clinical medicine. Attracted by the creativity, talent and passion of the team, I joined Texere Publishing in 2014, where I’m now Associate Content Director and Editor of The Cannabis Scientist.

Charlotte Brittain


Texere is where I have started my creative career. Before joining the Texere team I discovered my love for creativity through my degree in Graphic Design. Following my degree I went on to complete a PGCE. Throughout my studies I worked for the well-known fashion retailer Miss Selfridge, where I progressed to Team Leader Supervisor. The year spent completing my PGCE and working in the retail environment helped me to realize that my true passion lies in Graphic Design – something that allows me to be creative all day, every day.  My job at Texere is a dream come true, I have the freedom to be creative whilst working with a friendly team.

Danny Crowe

Business Development Executive North America

I started my career in digital media sales. I am fascinated by the impact and influence that gripping content plays on consumer purchasing power, which has led me to Texere Publishing. Working on projects that help inspire the hidden heroes in health-care for The Pathologist motivates me to continuously seek opportunities and build my knowledge within the field.

Dan Marr

Campaign Reporting Analyst

I’m a Digital Marketing specialist, and a freelance Motorsport Commentator and Journalist. I spend most of my life working in some form or another! I’m enjoying the people here at Texere – frantic, fun, all-round entertaining!

David Roberts

Digital Team Lead

In a vain attempt to be David Bowie I went to Arts College after school. It took me another thirty years before I realized I should learn to play an instrument. In between, I went to work. Print or digital, it’s a big world out there. At Texere, we’re doing our best to find it.

Emily Scragg

Accounts Apprentice

As the youngest employee within the office, Texere is where I began my journey into the world of accounts as an apprentice. I was always asked what career I wished for in the future and I could never give an answer but I feel I have fallen into the perfect job role. The office has a great working atmosphere and there is never a dull moment, everyone is very welcoming and willing to go that extra mile. I work with a fantastic team and I look forward to coming to work every morning.

Fedra Pavlou

SVP North America & Editorial Director


I’ve been in science publishing and communications since 2000, heading up editorial and writing teams at Datamonitor, Advanstar and KnowledgePoint360 group. I’ve come to realize that you have to respect your colleagues but also enjoy working with them – and that’s what drew me to Texere. In 2017, we expanded our “empire” across the Atlantic, where I now have the enviable task of heading up Texere Publishing, Inc. Outside of work, you’ll find me exploring the wonderful New York culinary scene and “admiring the city skyline” from Manhattan’s rooftop bars.

Frank Van Geel

Scientific Director

I am the owner of educational website Chromedia and Scientific Director at Texere Publishing. I studied analytical chemistry in the Netherlands and was a post-doc with Jim Winefordner at the University of Florida. I then became a science teacher and, later, a publisher. I strongly support the Texere mission; building strong communities is the road to take. We need to strengthen the quality of analytical chemistry and we need to strengthen the community by sharing know-how but also opinions, vision, and view of the future.

Gaurav Avasthi

Business Development Manager

I graduated with a degree in life sciences and an MBA from Leeds University Business School. I then went on to gain over 19 years' experience in sales, business development and account management across the medical devices, diagnostics and media industries. I love meeting new people and learning from their experiences, but most importantly, I love to add value and provide solutions to the challenges that my clients are facing.

Hannah Ennis

Senior Designer

At Texere, I’ve found the first role in my career where I have true creative freedom and can explore different ideas while developing my skills as a designer. And that’s why I love it. Before starting my journey at Texere, I gained valuable experience working in other creative businesses with a particular focus on graphic design, production and marketing. But it also highlights what a brilliant opportunity it is to work at Texere, with its friendly team, promising career progression and enjoyable working environment.

Hayley Atiz

Traffic & Audience Database Coordinator

I originally started working for Texere on a part-time basis from home. The position was temporary but it made me realize that this was the kind of career I wanted. I decided to go office-based and I honestly love everything about it, from the work to the people. I wake up every day happy to come to work and am so grateful to say I am part of the Texere team.

Helen Conyngham

Associate Publisher

I have 17 years consultative account management experience and developing intelligent solutions for my clients has always been a real passion. Working at Texere is wonderful because of the people! It is truly a joy to part of the fantastic team of first-class media professionals – they are incredibly passionate about what they do. And there isn’t a day that passes by without a laugh!

Helen Johnson

Business Development Manager

I fell into advertising back in 2002 at my local newspaper. This was where my love of advertising began and I have never looked back. Working at Texere feels like home, we are genuinely one big family, all looking after each other and supporting one another’s growth. I can't put into words the culture we have here, it is unlike anything I have ever experienced and I am yet to hate a Monday morning. All of this, plus the fact that everyone here has the same vision – to do the best we possibly can by our customers. Winner!

James Strachan

Deputy Editor

Over the course of my biomedical sciences degree it dawned on me that my goal of becoming a scientist didn’t quite mesh with my lack of affinity for lab work. I wondered whether I made the wrong decision to pursue biology rather than my best subject, English, at age 15; but I realized that science writing would combine what I loved with what I was good at – which Texere accommodates.

Jessica Lines

Event Co-Ordinator

I graduated with a degree in events management and have had lots of experience in events from organizing sports days in South Africa to wedding planning here in the UK. I'm lucky to have landed a career in what I enjoy and studied for. It’s a bonus I get to work with a great bunch of people! Here at Texere, it’s so easy to get on with everyone!

Jo Baylay

Marketing Executive

After 12 years a slave to the hospitality industry and a fantastic couple of years n the USA, I returned to the UK and found myself immersed in the world of media and radio advertising - fun, but fierce. Now, as part of the Texere family, I’m on yet another learning curve, absorbing the world of life-sciences but I'm able to transfer knowledge and skills I have acquired from past events-marketing roles into my role as a Marketing Executive.
I feel extremely lucky to be part of this super-fun and caring team!

Jody Fryett

Salesforce and Audience Systems Manager

I’ve had a varied career – security for high-street banks, fishmonger, supermarket stock control – but I found my true calling at Texere Publishing. The best thing about working here? The wonderful relationship between staff members, which creates a relaxed but also productive working environment.

Katy Pearson

Marketing Manager

I graduated with a degree in Marketing, Spanish & French and headed to The Big Smoke to start my working life. A life in sales wasn’t for me, so I focused my efforts on developing my marketing career. That was back in 2001, and I’ve never looked back, building up a lot of marketing experience on the way before joining Texere Publishing, where I get to work with great people. No two days are the same here – and there is a real opportunity to grow and make your mark.

Kerri Benson

Accounts Assistant

I started out in administration, before stumbling into accounts. I had never had an interest in numbers but picked up my abacus and gave it a go. Many years on, I am still number crunching and even gained an accounting qualification (I invested in a calculator). In 2017, I joined Texere, working with the financial controller – we are a force to be reckoned with! Office life is busy but never boring – whether discussing Jody’s ‘wonderful’ lunches or laughing at the many faux pas dropped by certain team members (mentioning no names).

Kevin O'Donnell

Marketing and Events Executive

I’ve enjoyed gaining experience in a variety of industries from financial and legal, retail, to now scientific publishing at Texere - not the path I initially thought I would follow after completing my advertising and branding degree,  but I’m a big believer that the universe will guide everyone in the right direction so they meet people who will help them grow. What attracted me to Texere the most was how nice everyone is, you really are part of a family who work together to produce high-quality content and events which are designed to enrich the lives of its global audience.

Lauren Robertson

Deputy Editor

By the time I finished my degree in Microbiology I had come to one conclusion – I did not want to work in a lab. Instead, I decided to move to the south of Spain to teach English. After two brilliant years, I realised that I missed science and what I really enjoyed was communicating ideas in an interesting way that was easy to understand – whether the audience were four year olds or adults. On return to England I landed a role in science writing and found it combined my passions perfectly. Now at Texere, I get to hone these skills every day by writing about exciting advances in science, in a creative and engaging way.

Lee Noyes

Publishing Director

I started on the sales floor at Trinity Mirror newspapers, but joined Advanstar a few years later, initially working within the pharma and medical markets, but finding my true calling in the world of analytical chemistry in 2000. I held roles from senior sales executive through to associate publisher, and launched successful print and digital products along the way. As Publishing Director of The Analytical Scientist, I have the opportunity to work with an outstanding team; together, we have created a portfolio of innovative products that spark discussion, engage readers, and generate real value for the analytical community.

Lindsey Vickers

Sales Support Project Manager

After school, I joined the Knutsford Secretarial Bureau, which was followed by an interesting 18 years as a PA, in the property rental and vehicle leasing space. I took on an exciting new role and fresh challenge at Texere – and the experience has been nothing but positive. There is always an upbeat atmosphere and the great people ensure there is never a dull moment. I am looking forward to being part of the Texere team as the company goes from strength to strength.

Marc Bird

Head of Design

I’ve been a professional magazine designer since 2003. I spent several years at London lifestyle magazine Dazed & Confused, before moving to Grand Designs Magazine – the accompaniment to the TV series. After relocating to the North West, I worked for a classical music publisher, Live Nation (theatre division), and took on other freelance projects and ran my own community interest company. There are many great things about working for Texere, but the best probably has to be the freedom to be creative on some fantastic magazines – and the people, of course.

Maryam Mahdi

Associate Editor

After finishing my degree, I envisioned a career in science communications for myself. However, life took an unexpected turn and I ended up teaching abroad. Though the experience was amazing and I learned a great deal from it, I jumped at the opportunity to work for Texere. I'm excited to see where this new journey takes me!

Matthew Everett

Commercial Service and Social Media Manager

I started my advertising career working for an agency in Dubai, managing a range of clients across the Automotive, FMCG, Healthcare and Government sectors. Working for a full-service digital agency allowed me to ‘earn my stripes’  in all aspects of digital and content-based marketing at a global level. I returned to the UK in 2018 and have continued my digital marketing journey ever since!

The best part about working at Texere is the multi-disciplined agile team I get to work with on a daily basis, we have some of the best in the business and that is reflected in the level of output from the business.

Matthew Hallam

Deputy Editor

Between being painted corpse-white to play the role of a gunshot victim in hospital-based doctor training programs to assembling herring rollmops on the assembly line in a fish factory, I've had some pretty questionable jobs. And, dare I say, I didn’t enjoy working in research labs any more than I did washing residual fish, vinegar and sliced onions off my hands every night on the docks. Upon realizing this, I quickly moved into a Medical Writer role, writing up manuscripts and conference materials on a wide range of clinical topics, but soon tired of this, too. At Texere, I’m able to continue writing about the science I love with the creativity that I practice in a number of hobbies outside the workplace environment… and the people aren’t bad either!  

Michael Schubert


I covered every biological science from paleontology to experimental oncology during my undergraduate and doctoral studies. My inability to zero in on a single research focus served me well – not only as a freelance writer, but also as a science consultant and designer, helping the entertainment industry create plausible aliens and (semi)realistic superheroes. Now at Texere, I love that my work still allows me to explore every corner of biomedical science – and help spread the word about every fascinating new thing I learn

Neil Hanley

Publishing Director

I started out in media in the 1990s, and I really can’t imagine doing anything else. The opportunity to start with a completely blank piece of paper and build up a business like Texere from scratch has been the most intense and enriching experience of my professional life. The lessons I have learnt at Texere from clients and colleagues alike will stay with me for the rest of my career.

Nick Ransom

Business Development Executive Americas

After graduating with a BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2017, I’ve been working in sales ever since.  I started out in the health and fitness industry, selling club memberships in both California and New York.  After I felt I had learned as much as possible, I decided to shift my attention towards business to business sales within the media industry.  Once I found Texere Publishing, I knew it would be a perfect fit.

Paul Longley

Business Development Executive

With a strong background in retail sales, I wanted to challenge myself to something totally new that I have always had an interest in. Publishing and advertising has always been a keen interest of mine, with the new wave of social media and online marketing bringing a huge change in the way that people consume media. The medical industry is one that I have a keen interest in too and how it can really benefit people to not only live longer lives and have an overall better quality of life. This led me to Texere Publishing, a forward thinking innovative and new company with a great team and fantastic atmosphere.  

Peter Bartley

Digital Producer

I've had a varied career within the print and graphics industry since the late 1980s. I started out designing champagne and wine labels, moved to magazine production and then progressed into reprographics – initially for gravure print and then with a global packaging company producing press-ready files for blue-chip accounts. I returned to magazine print production for a few years but have now ‘gone digital’ at Texere, working on innovative online content.

Peter Phippen


I’ve been working in the media since the 1980s in the UK, US, India and Australia – but Knutsford is the most glamorous, so far. For many years, I was a Board Director of BBC Worldwide Ltd, where I developed and ran BBC Magazines. I was also President and CEO of BBC Worldwide Americas Inc., launching a number of TV channels. In 2011, I received the Marcus Morris Award – the highest accolade in magazine publishing. Now, I’m a Director of Immediate Media Co and Chairman of Sift, among other roles. I also founded East West Relations Ltd. to help western media companies identify and secure opportunities in India, where I was born.

Phil Dale

Financial Director

I studied computer science at university, followed by a master’s degree in maths, before obtaining an accountancy training contract with a large UK firm. I remained in practice for nearly nine years, before making my first move into industry, joining Texere Publishing in August 2014. Working at Texere has really widened my business knowledge; in a vibrant start-up company, I’ve had to get involved in all aspects of the business – not just finance.

Phoebe Harkin

Deputy Editor

I’ve always loved telling stories. So much so, I decided to make a job of it. I finished a Masters in Magazine Journalism and spent three years working as a creative copywriter before itchy feet sent me (back)packing. It took seven months and 13 countries, but I’m now happily settled on The Ophthalmologist, where I’m busy getting stuck into all things eyeballs.

Rich Whitworth

Content Director

I completed my studies in medical biochemistry in 1998. To cut a long story very short, I escaped to Tokyo and spent five years working for the largest English language publisher in Japan. Carving a career (and simply surviving) in the megalopolis that is Tokyo changed my outlook forever. Back in the UK, I combined an aptitude for words with a fascination for science. I joined Texere on day one in 2012, where I initially spearheaded the launch of The Analytical Scientist. Today, I am proud to have the responsibility of ensuring quality and style of all content across all brands within Texere’s portfolio.

Richard Hodson

Commercial Director

I have worked in scientific publishing since the early 2000s. Before Texere, I was Sales Director at UBM Advanstar, managing Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharm International brands within Europe. At Texere, I developed and launched The Medicine Maker, using the collective experience within our team to create a refreshingly modern take on media in the pharma industry. I am proud to see what we have achieved in three short years; we’re influencing debate among a rapidly expanding international community, and inspiring creative methods of communication for clients.

Ross Terrone

Business Development Executive North America

After graduating college with my bachelors in business and technology management from the State University at Delhi, I was in search. Like many young people, I did not have a clear view of exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and with so many different career paths it was challenging to decipher the right fit for me, until I found Texere Publishing. Working within a publishing company based in the scientific, technical and medical markets was never my intention, until I was exposed to the team I would be collaborating with and their approach to media. I can say with exact certainty that i have now found my “fit’ as a Business Development Executive at Texere Publishing.

Sally Loftus

Associate Publisher

I love football – and started my career in the football industry, spending 12 years learning my trade in sales and marketing. Next, I decided to make the leap into business development, latterly in private healthcare, which lead me to Texere and The Pathologist. At Texere, everyone’s passion for work and a little social life meld into a fun, productive office machine that provides me with a great opportunity to learn more. They’re a fantastic team with a driven work ethic – and did I mention they’re all lovely, too?

Sam Blacklock

Associate Publisher

I started my career working within the veterinary industry before moving into publishing with the UKs leading agricultural newspaper. After nearly six years of learning the ‘ins and outs’ of marketing and advertising, an opportunity arose to join an exciting young company; the quality of the products produced and the growth achieved by Texere in just a short time proved too good an opportunity to miss.

Stephanie Sutton


I always wanted to be a novelist and never planned to use my skills in the world of pharma, but I soon found that writing about science and medicine is fascinating and incredibly rewarding. And there’s no better place to enjoy and hone that skill than at Texere, where I work with talented folk I’ve known for a decade. We work very hard, we make cracking magazines, and we have a lot of fun and games along the way.

Tracey Nicholls

Audience Insight Manager

Working within audience development over the years has thrown me into the wonderful world of magazines, events and BPA audits. With industry knowledge ranging from brand licensing and automotive through to 3D printing, ophthalmology and analytical science, who wouldn’t want to be stranded on a desert island with me?! Texere has brought a breath of fresh air to my career – we are a family and I love my job.

Tracey Peers

Chief Operating Officer

I started out at Terry Blood records, which gave me my love of music (I once did a sound check with Motörhead’s Lemmy – he can really sing!). Next, I moved into fashion with Adidas and M&S – both fun and fast paced, but I missed sales and entered the electronics industry, gaining a love of gadgets and fast company cars! Since then, I’ve worked for some of the best journals and magazines in the industry, but now love my role at the fastest-growing STM publisher in the world working with extremely talented and like-minded people. My fellow Texerians are really like family to me!