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Brimming with fresh ideas, quick to adapt to changing needs, and driven by quality: we are Texere.

Why Texere? Simple: we offer both style and substance

We create content that engages, inspires and informs
By delving into the motivations, challenges and aspirations of key figures in our target markets and by placing an emphasis on great design, we build a deep connection and strong loyalty with our communities.
Why? To provide you with the perfect environment to influence your target customers at their most open minded – and to give you the best possible chance of being seen and remembered.


We insist on excellence
Whether digital or print content, videos, webinars or events, we always strive for the highest quality and collaborate with field-leading partners.
Why? To ensure that the quality of your company and value of your brands is reflected through our entire portfolio.


We invest in communities
Each and every brand in our portfolio embraces its target market, produces tailored, accessible content, and acts as a community hub for professionals at all stages of their career across entire fields of science, technology and medicine.
Why? To give you access to potential customers that span the full range of purchasing power and permeate into every corner of your potential market.


We embrace challenge
Our ever-evolving portfolio is driven by a highly experienced and forward-thinking team that rides the cutting edge
Why? To offer you tailored marketing campaigns that match any goal or budget, but always with unrivalled service and support.

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