Team Insights

You can read about each member of the wider team here – including their route into Texere. Notably, over 45 percent have five years of service or more with Texere – a testament to the company, its culture, and our efforts to place people at the heart of everything we do.


Though many members of our team are based in locations across the UK, including Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Kent, and Merseyside, we also have employees in Europe, the US, and Canada. No matter the location, everyone supports our business both nationally and globally.


Here, we offer a quick guide on what each team in Texere works on – and why it's important.


The audience team is responsible for growing and nurturing our audience. We aim to build a personalized relationship with our readers by asking them questions and analyzing data to understand their habits and interests. This way, we can provide a positive experience and deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.


Our compliance team is committed to maintaining our data management systems and the quality of the data held within them. Crucially, they ensure that the internal controls in place throughout the business adhere to GDPR and data protection regulations, guarding our organization, external clients, and our audience.

Commercial Services 

Our commercial service team delivers high-quality commercial marketing services with a focus on client satisfaction. The team executes campaigns and projects across a portfolio of products – and everything they do is underpinned by seamless coordination.


The design team is a creative core, giving Texere a unique edge in our space. Injecting flare to highly traditional markets, the design team adds beautiful definition to our brands and output.


The digital team is responsible for ensuring our websites and communications are current, striving to improve the service we provide to our connected consumers in a constantly changing landscape. They implement new initiatives as well as evaluating new ways of working to enhance business efficiency and capability.


Scientists, creatives, journalists; our editorial team is highly skilled at delivering content that inspires and informs. Telling stories of innovation, triumphs and challenges, our editors share the human accounts of the scientists, doctors and professionals at the forefront of their fields.


Our finance team helps all areas of the business understand the financial implications of their operations, enabling the business to make smart decisions that support continued growth.


Texere’s HR team is a catalyst for change, with people at its heart. The team develops talent and drives excellence with a constant focus on professional learning and development.


The Texere Marketing team are truly passionate about what they do. They continually strive to drive brand awareness and ultimately grow our business through the development of strategies and the implementation of marketing campaigns that engage our audience, prospects and customers.


Texere’s sales team works tirelessly to create, build, and maintain long lasting relationships with our international client base. Our strong client partnerships are testament to the products we offer, the relationships we build, and the success we earn.

Texere is a great place to work because the wider team always sees your full potential

Hayley, Sales Support Coordinator