Who We Are

Brimming with fresh ideas, quick to adapt to changing needs, and driven by quality: we are Texere.

Why Did We Create Texere? So, why did Texere create yet another publishing company and why should you care? Let’s face it, there are literally millions of websites, magazines and academic journals that focus on science, medicine and technology. It would take a lifetime to cull and read through even the most important content.


Why Texere? We founded Texere to deliver a unique vision that explores science, medicine and technology with a passion that matches ours – and yours. We could go on and on, talking about how we want to celebrate each field and build communities, which we do. But, for us here’s the core mission: to deliver compelling content and insights that matter to our readers and marketing partners so that we can all succeed together. That’s our focus, plain and simple.

Ten Years of Texere

Why Texere?

We deliver content with both style and substance across the sciences and medicine


We tell your stories: Texere introduces you to the key leaders and up-and-comers in your field. We explore their personal motivations, challenges, and aspirations. Explore science and medicine through the stories of those creating the future.


We connect to your communities: Texere builds bridges from universities to QC labs, from clinics to basic research and more. Our readers span from earlier career professionals to top leaders in the field. Connect to your community with Texere.


We engage you with great content and design: Texere recognizes that science is one of the most creative processes. We present stories, features and news content from a fresh and novel point of view. See and read our content and be inspired, informed and, well yes, entertained.


We are global, but think local: Texere has offices in New York and in the UK. But we don’t stay put for long. Our team is always on the move, attending tradeshows, meeting on-site, on the phone and in contact with scientists just like you. See our schedule we’d love to meet you.


We deliver excellence to you: Texere’s top focus is on quality in every format - digital, print, video, or events and webinars. We demand it of ourselves and our partners. It’s the main reason we continue to grow.


Why Texere? It’s all about your needs. We tell your stories. We connect to your communities. We engage you with great design. We deliver excellence to you. Join us as we build the future in science, technology and medicine together.


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Senior Vice President North America

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