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Since its launch in 2014, The Medicine Maker has maintained an editorial focus on cell and gene therapies. In 2020, we launched a Cell and Gene newsletter dedicated to serving this distinct community within the pharmaceutical industry.


Our purpose is not to add to the online noise, but to share compelling content through our newsletter and social channels.Coverage of the field is intentionally broad – from logistics and people to the technologies driving the industry forward.


With high-level insight, Cell and Gene from The Medicine Maker is committed to the people and innovations shaping the world through advanced medicine.


Read an example of the Cell and Gene newsletter here.

Audience, Reach, and Database

Cell and Gene from The Medicine Maker has a dedicated database for the weekly newsletter and third-party targeting. The database has been nurtured over time to build a loyal readership around our continuous coverage of the sector.

As a business, we actively remove readers who cease to engage with our communications*, ensuring improved targeting for both our products and your marketing.

*not interacting over a set period of time

Products & Services

Below are the products and services we currently offer within our Cell and Gene offering. Can't find what you're looking for? We probably do that too – simply get in touch here.



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Publisher: Helen Conyngham | helen.conyngham@texerepublishing.com

Business Development Manager: Chris Connolly | chris.connolly@texerepublishing.com

Business Development Manager North America: Stacy Gaines | stacy.gaines@texerepublishing.com