Content Marketing

Content marketing is an integral part of the strategy for over 93% of B2B companies. However the difficulty is finding the most effective way of establishing the right balance between valuable, engaging information and promotional content.


With this in mind, Texere offers a content development programs that allow you to work directly with our highly experienced editorial team to deliver a message that will resonate with our audience.

Content Marketing Articles (Collaborative/Sponsored Content)

Whether sponsored features or collaborative content (available as single articles or series), we develop compelling content that is tailored to your direct or indirect marketing needs.

Sponsored Features give you full ownership of the article direction; for example, you may wish to focus on sharing a product- or service-based story in an engaging narrative.

Collaborative Content is driven by our editorial team but gives you the opportunity to align your company or brand with a topic of interest or area of educational need, positioning you as a thought leader.


See an example from The Pathologist

See an example from The Medicine Maker


E-books are a fantastic and cost-effective way of presenting several different forms of media. Our e-book template includes a navigation bar at the top of each page as well as an additional resource bar at the bottom of each page. Whether you provide existing content or we develop the content for you (through our collaborative/sponsored content packages), each e-book is bespoke and fully designed by our experienced in-house design team.


See an example


Supplements are one of the most comprehensive ways of sharing a story or achievement.


Our supplement projects consist of newly developed or archive content. They are typically distributed alongside our physical magazines, shared directly with you for your own distribution and made available via our digital portfolio.


What is the key Texere differentiator? Our supplement projects provide access to our in-house design and content teams. They ensure your supplement has the same look and feel as our inhouse products, maximizing reader engagement through credible content and contemporary design.


See an example from The Medicine Maker

See an example from The Pathologist

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