Video Production Services

In the Video Production Services team, we’re a little biased – but we believe video is the highest value content asset. Video helps you share up-to-date information in an engaging format, provides you with content that can be repurposed in multiple ways, and adds a human element to your marketing – literally giving your business a "face." This latter point is particularly important; our brains use the human face as a gathering point for information and authenticity.


At Texere, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best video content, which is driven by two clear aspects. First, we deliver high-quality output, supported by solid creative direction and project management. Second – and a true differentiator for Texere's video production services – we have access to our own subject-matter experts; editorial team members are consulted during pre-production and often participate in the live shoot, bringing a wealth of industry knowledge that ensures we hit the right scientific and technical notes in the final output.


Animated video allows you to showcase your company's message – whether that’s presenting a product, sharing company results or evening bring a laboratory to life – through a medium that is extremely engaging, visually appealing, completely original, and easy to understand.


From bold and simple infographics to full character pieces, animation is a powerful form of communication that helps you share your information, brand identity, or message.


Whatever the brief, we’ll create an exciting animation that both meets your needs and has a big impact on your audience.


Watch our animation showreel below to enjoy some of our previous work.

Customer Testimonials & Advocacy

Word-of-mouth is powerful. When we hear positive feedback on a product or service from a friend, peer, or like-minded consumer, it instills trust, making us more likely to take it into consideration and do our own research. 


Customer Testimonials highlight your core messages using an independent voice – and that’s a powerful way to communicate with potential customers.


Perhaps your product or service changed a life, improved a process, or supported groundbreaking advances? 


Customer Advocacy videos help clients share their customers' authentic stories with a focus on creativity and a narrative of positive change. Our team learns everything possible about your customers to provide video output that showcases the best of your company, product, or service in a real-world setting.

Product Launch & Demonstrations

New product launches can be daunting. How will you make enough noise? How can you ensure the right messages are heard? How can you build trust in something brand new?


Product Previews focus on educating and preparing your customer base ahead of a launch. Our video team is on hand to explore your vision, creating a video that opens the door to future marketing efforts.


Product Profiles equip your customers with the technical knowledge they need to start shortlisting – or even to make a decision. 


Product Launches & Demonstrations can include: 

- Interviews with employees

- Explanations of how technology/equipment is applied

- Demonstrations of technology/equipment in action

- Real-world applications of your product or service.


Video Interviews provide your key opinion leaders with a platform to offer viewers a more journalistic look atyour latest innovations, company updates, or future plans. 


Video Interviews can be conducted at your site, of course, but, if you want lasting value from your conference/exhibition presence, you could also consider booth interviews, which allow you to make the most of your expert team while they’re all in one place. 


High-quality video interviews can help set your company apart – providing personality behind all your endeavors, so why not get everyone together and invite us in to capture your conversations?

Booth Interviews

In-person events provide visibility and access to key customers – and they give you a milestone to work towards for announcements, launches, and publications. 


But, in reality, you’re only ever capable of reaching a small proportion of your target market at an event, making the investment:prospect ratio relatively high compared with other channels.


And that’s why our video and content teams are on site at major events, offering you the chance to make the most of your presence – and messages. Combined with unrivaled digital reach, we can deliver content with real authenticity that, crucially, ensures maximum ROI from your event investment.


Talk to us today to discover how we can help you make an impact beyond the exhibition center walls!

Human Profiles

It’s all too easy for organizations to focus solely on marketing products and services, while neglecting the people, places, and innovations behind business success. 


Human Profiles provide an exclusive peek behind the scenes, showcasing the personalities behind your products and services and exploring exactly who brings your business to life.


Contact our team today to discuss how you could raise the profile of the internal talent that makes your business tick.

Site Tours

Do you have a cutting-edge facility or site that everyone should know about? Site Tours are functional but can also be dramatic, creating a video venue for your business, your values, your employees, and your products and services.


Wherever you are and whatever work you do, we capture the essence of your organization, drawing out personality in every shot. 


Our short, snappy site tour videos enable you to: 

- Stand out from your competition 

- Give your company a personality 

- Quickly deliver a compelling message 


Showcase the capabilities of your company at one or multiple sites: 

- Interviews with employees 

- Interviews with customers 

- Facility grounds 

- Equipment overviews or demonstrations

- Site flyovers

Virtual Interviews

Virtual Interviews digitally bridge the gap between protagonist and crew, providing a polished output despite challenges.


Our in-house editorial specialists combine with our video teams to deliver insightful interviews with key opinion leaders, practitioners, or C-suite executives, whilst breaking the boundaries of distance or limited site access.


Watch some of our latest interviews below.