Video Production Services

At Texere, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best in video content - driven by two clear differentiators. 


  1. We produce videos of the highest quality, supported by solid creative direction and project management.
  2. We have access to our own subject-matter experts; editorial team members are consulted during pre-production and often participate in live shoots. They bring unrivalled industry knowledge that ensures we hit the right scientific and technical notes.

From bold and simple timelines and infographics to full character pieces, animation is a powerful form of communication that helps you share information, brand identity, or messaging.

Thermo Gibco - Animated Timeline
Staar Surgical Dr Arthur Cummings Animation


Exhibitions and events are a perfect opportunity to showcase your brand and build marketing content. We have developed a unique video approach that allows you to showcase your products, personality and presence during and even after the show.

These include booth interviewshighlightssocial shortsproduct demos and symposiumpresentation coverage.


Our people-led videos help clients share their customers' authentic stories with a focus on creativity - showcasing the personalities behind your products and services and exploring exactly who brings your business to life. We offer options that give you alternative and more easily digestible ways to present your latest innovations, company updates, or future plans.


These include customer testimonials, human profiles, interviews and virtual interviews.


Whether it is a focus on educating and preparing your customer base ahead of a launch or creating a venue video for your business, your values, your employees, or your products and services - our facility videos help to capture the essence of your organization.

These include product demos and site tours.