Social Media

Texere offers a range of approaches when it comes to social media marketing, spanning targeted advertising and organic campaigns tailored to generate meaningful engagement with your brand.

Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Through extensive testing and refining, we are able to effectively target your customers with bespoke adverts created by our talented design team. Whether you’re wanting to communicate to a broad audience or target a campaign to a list of individuals with a specific skill set, social ads can drive cost-effective traffic and build brand awareness.

Social Content Development

Our social media and design teams have an in-depth knowledge of content and understand what makes medical and science audiences tick. From conceptualization to delivery, we can provide you with a range of materials to concisely and effectively communicate your message across all social media channels.

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See an example from The Pathologist

Social Listening

Social Listening helps you monitor your online presence by recognizing and collating all mentions of your brand. It can track keywords, phrases and even complex queries. Put simply, it tells you what is being said, when and where, without you having to trawl through all your platforms individually – saving you valuable time.


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Social Media Event Coverage

Hosting or attending an event? Allow our team of experts to provide coverage across social media channels, amplifying your message within highly-engaged audiences. From live Q&As to full event tours and talks, we can cover it all!

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