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Since 2016, The Analytical Scientist has been publishing a monthly newsletter that distils the month’s top spectroscopy research news and instrument innovations – whilst sharing the must-read spectroscopy-based content from our website.

But there’s something of a quiet revolution going on. As spectrometers become increasingly sensitive, portable, and integrated with AI and other analytical techniques, we’re seeing an explosion in the number of spectroscopy-powered tools and the range of exciting applications – from wearable health devices to environmental monitoring. 


It is now clear to us that a monthly newsletter simply isn’t enough to cover it all. And that’s why we’ve launched a fortnightly newsletter.


Read an example of the Spectroscopy newsletter here.

Audience, Reach, and Database

Spectroscopy from The Analytical Scientist has a dedicated database for the bi-monthly newsletter and for third-party targeting. The database has been nurtured over time to build a loyal readership around our continuous coverage of the sector.

As a business, we actively remove readers who cease to engage with our communications*, ensuring improved targeting for both our products and your marketing.

*not interacting over a set period of time

Products & Services

Below are the products and services currently available with Spectroscopy from The Analytical Scientist. Can't find what you're looking for? We probably do that too – simply get in touch here.



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