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Since its inception, The Analytical Scientist has been on a mission to record, scrutinize, and celebrate all endeavors across the analytical sciences. With more happening in the world of mass spectrometry than ever before, we decided it was high time we launched a dedicated newsletter to help better serve this passionate community. 


Mass Spec from The Analytical Scientist not only covers the latest advancements in technology and the most exciting applications, but also brings together (and amplifies) the many different voices in the field. It is a space for “team mass spec” to collaborate, stay informed, share their thoughts – and flourish!


Read an example of the Mass Spec newsletter here.

Audience, Reach, and Database

Mass Spec from The Analytical Scientist has a dedicated database for the weekly newsletter and third-party targeting. The database has been nurtured over time to build a loyal readership around our continuous coverage of the sector.

As a business, we actively remove readers who cease to engage with our communications*, ensuring improved targeting for both our products and your marketing.

*not interacting over a set period of time

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