Magazine & Print Advertising

At Texere, we offer a range of print options that add serious style and substance to your campaigns. We work closely with you to help bring your content to life – exactly as you envisaged.


Advertising is the most efficient means of generating the greatest amount of awareness within your target market whilst giving you complete control over your message and where it is delivered. Advertising shows your customers and potential customers that you are investing in your brand or product and that you are fully committed to its success. Advertising amplifies the impact of every tactic in your strategy, building recall, familiarity and trust. Customers judge your message based not just on WHAT you say but WHERE you say it.

Application Notes & White Papers

Technical articles, such as application notes and whitepapers, can be targeted to a specific audience and are typically a focused description of an experiment, process or technique, including an introduction to the subject area, as well as precise implementation details, results, and recommendations.

Article Reprints

Using reprints of specific issues, individual (sponsored) articles, or supplements – for internal or external use – can help highlight an important trend or convey a key message in association with a well-respected third party.

Belly Bands

In the print world, a paper band wrapped around the magazine – the “belly band” – is the first thing a consumer sees and an ad format that’s hard to ignore. Moreover it represents a literal touch point – the band has to be physically removed before the consumer is able to open the magazine. As a result, ads on the front and back of the belly band are highly visible, offering an extremely effective way to get your message in front of our readers. Many advertisers use belly bands to offer a “teaser” that directs the reader to relevant content inside.


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Magazine Inserts (Bound or Loose)

Inserted into our print magazines and distributed to our audiences, bound and loose inserts are a powerful tool in any integrated marketing campaign.

The change to a thicker paper stock grabs the reader’s attention physically – standing out from traditional display ads – and makes the reader pause and take notice, especially when flicking through the magazine. Given the nature of the insert, the magazine is also more likely to “fall open” at the loose insert or bound sponsored insert page, further increasing the chances of a reader interacting with your content.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an integral part of the strategy for nine in ten B2B companies; however, the difficulty is finding the most effective way of establishing the right balance between valuable, engaging information and promotional content.


With this in mind, we have a content development program that allows you to work directly with our highly experienced editorial team to develop sponsored or collaborative articles that are tailored to your marketing needs, creating genuine proximity with your target audience.

Magazine Cover - Tip-On

"Tip-ons" – adverts reversibly glued to the magazine front cover – attract a great deal more attention than a traditional print advertisement. And if you are creative with the design – by making it interactive, for example – you'll truly maximize the value.


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Magazine Cover - Gate Fold

A gatefold advert adds two additional fold out pages to the front cover, offering more creative space and promoting reader interaction with your message. With prime positioning and additional pages for your messaging, the gatefold is the ultimate display ad.


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