Webinars and Digital Events

At Texere, we understand that digital events are a crucial marketing tool. Our expert Digital Events team delivers an exceptional service that encompasses all aspects of your event. From speaker training to event promotion and from audience expansion to GDPR compliance, your dedicated event manager will be on-hand, working closely with you to deliver the highest-quality results and a strong return on your investment.

Five Reasons to Work with Texere

1. GDPR-Compliant Data

All digital events come with lead generation. Any compliant leads generated from our projects are shared with our clients* after the event. 


*Customers outside the EU/EEA will be required to complete a DTA (FAQ on GDPR DTA - Link)


2. Loyal Audience

Texere has been publishing market leading content for a decade. The consistency and quality of our journalism has allowed us to build and nurture a trusting and loyal audience of scientific and healthcare professionals across the world. 


By partnering with us for a webinar or digital event, you have the opportunity to present to our audience and develop an audience of your own.


3. Content Credibility

All webinars and digital events are developed and delivered in partnership with our editorial team. By leading your event, they bring credibility to the event and information you’re sharing. 


4. Comprehensive Marketing

All digital events are supported with a comprehensive marketing and social campaign. We use all tactics and formats to create the strongest possible audience for your presentation.


5. Outstanding Service

Every event has a dedicated project specialist, who manages all event logistics from initial concept to event delivery, including but not limited to:


  • Speaker training
  • Event marketing
  • Audience development 
  • GDPR and compliance

Digital Event Options

Webinars (Fully Live or Pre-recorded)

Webinars continue to be the most effective lead-generation tool in the Texere portfolio. Webinars allow you to present to a captive audience on a subject of your choice, while collecting valuable market research and detailed information about your audience (registrants/leads). Our service includes open and accredited CPD webinars.

Hybrid Events (In Person and Online)

By including a virtual element to an in-person event, you can reach the broadest audience possible, maximizing the impact of your event. 

At Texere, we can help you with:

  • Venue sourcing, management, and setup
  • Technology (presentation, audio, and visual equipment)
  • Speaker contracts and management
  • Special requirements

Roundtables (Multi-Person Discussions)

Roundtables bring together key opinion leaders to explore the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in a specific area of interest.

Roundtables are marketed extensively across all of our channels. Following the live event, the full discussion is edited and presented as an online, on-demand program.

Roundtables can be single or multi-sponsored. 

Technology Forums (Topic-Focused Online Presentations)

Forums comprise multiple presentations from different technology suppliers. Each business presents their innovations and guidance on one market critical subject.  Technology Forums give you the opportunity to speak on a topic in a passionate, direct, thought-provoking way, while feeding into a larger discussion for the benefit of an audience that sees value in a “critical mass” of content. Following every forum, the discussion is edited and presented as an online, on-demand program. Compliant leads will also be shared with each sponsor. 

For more examples of the events Texere offers, please visit the Event hub for each of our brands: 


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