Meet the Team: The Medicine Maker


11/22/2023 | Oliver Norbury

At Texere Publishing, we believe that success is grounded in people. You might have the best infrastructure, the best technology, or the fanciest coffee machine in the communal kitchen (we don’t); but this all counts for nothing if you don’t put people at a company’s core. In a world of words and spreadsheets, it’s easy to forget that there are faces behind everything we do – from the content we craft to the clients we collaborate with to share innovations.


Launched in 2014, The Medicine Maker has become a significant voice in the pharmaceutical industry, sharing breakthroughs, opinions, and insight, while throwing a spotlight on the people behind the medicines we all rely on.


Here, I’m happy to introduce you to some of the members of the team behind The Medicine Maker. First up, Stephanie Sutton, Editor of The Medicine Maker and Texere Group Editor, provides a glimpse into her “sweet” background – and what makes her tick. Second, Shea Hennessey of the Digital team speaks of creativity, responsibility, and the team effort that inevitably brings everything together. Finally, Business Development Manager Stacy Gaines candidly explores the challenges of staying afloat in a dynamic and complex world, while winning clients over despite being on “the Dark Side.”

Stephanie Sutton, Editor, The Medicine Maker

After graduating with a degree in Creative and Professional Writing, I was desperate for a career in publishing. My first job was for a trade publication for the pharma industry. My plan was to learn about publishing and move on quickly to a new role, but I found writing about science incredibly fascinating. I stayed there for five years before moving onto a confectionery publication – it certainly sounded exciting on paper (and I have a sweet tooth) but I really missed the science. Fortunately, the opportunity to join Texere Publishing popped up in 2014 to help launch The Medicine Maker – and I’ve been here ever since. 


My role on The Medicine Maker comes with incredible creative freedom. I am not tied to commercial topics; instead, I am able to explore anything that I believe will be interesting for our audience – niche drug discovery projects, innovative buy underused processing technologies, the rise of biosimilars, the global impact of US politicsFDA-approved video game treatments – they are all on the table. The drug development and manufacturing industry is enormous and packed with incredible stories to tell. I’ve now been writing about the pharma industry for over 15 years, but I never stop finding interesting new things to talk about. 

Digital Producer, Shea Hennessey

As a member of the digital team, my duties cover the entirety of our online presence – from web page to email, surveys to search engines, there isn’t a department in the company that doesn’t rely on us! With a Bachelor's degree in animation, the production side of my role allows me to exercise my creativity in a meaningful way, whilst never straying too far from the analytical part of my brain that loves drilling down into the raw data to find actionable insights to keep us striving for greatness. 


As a sort of warden of expectation and results for The Medicine Maker, I could be intimidated by the responsibility; fortunately, my nerves are consistently calmed by the support I receive from the teams I work with – and the knowledge that we are all working towards the same mission. With constant dialogue and collaboration, we’re able to get over any obstacle to craft the best possible product for our clients and our audiences.

Business Development, Stacy Gaines

I started at Texere three years ago and, to this day, I still feel like I am drinking from a firehose every week. Just as I start to get a handle on a new term, another emerges and I find myself resorting to Google searches, YouTube tutorials, or seeking advice from colleagues. At the same time, the dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical industry is what makes it exciting. Though I may be part of the industry professionally, I am also a consumer. Staying informed about groundbreaking antibiotics, Alzheimer’s research, and advances in cancer treatments instils a sense of hope within me.


Initially, I was daunted by the prospect of approaching individuals with bioengineering degrees from MIT, considering my background is from a completely different field. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the openness and kindness of our partners, who appreciate my years of experience in media. Working for such a well-respected brand is a source of immense pride for me. When I speak with customers, I often joke that I am from the “dark side” – the sales team. But in truth, I love knowing that the products and services we promote are making a significant difference in our world!

Are you a professional in the life sciences or pharma? Perhaps you want to broaden your network and hear from the most influential voices in the industry. Or maybe you are simply enthusiastic about innovation in the world of medicine making. Whatever your motivation, you may well enjoy The Medicine Maker’s weekly newsletter: join us here!

Oliver Norbury

Digital Producer at Texere Publishing