Texere Publishing Fully Commits to Humanity’s Fight Against Infectious Diseases with the Launch of ID Transmission



New York, US, January 30, 2023 – Texere Publishing today announces the launch of ID Transmission – a media brand dedicated to exploring humanity’s ongoing battle against infectious diseases.

Focusing on four key areas – understanding, testing, treating, and preventing – ID Transmission will bring the latest updates to healthcare and life science professionals working across the clinical, industrial, and academic spaces. 

Since 2012, Texere has prided itself in bringing a unique approach to scientific and healthcare media. Today, Texere further extends its reach with a brand that offers a creative yet authoritative perspective on the field of infectious diseases. 

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals, organizations, governments, and the general public are realizing that the next threat is likely just around the corner. ID Transmission explores the emerging science of infectious diseases, the technologies, and the people behind them.

Frank Stoll, Publisher of ID Transmission, said, “ID Transmission truly sets the bar as a reactive, authentic, and innovative source of information. Our aim is to be the central hub – unifying and connecting everyone working in the field of infectious diseases around the world.”

Liv Gaskill, Editor of ID Transmission, commented, "It’s an exciting time to be covering infectious diseases. There seems to have been a light cast upon the field by COVID-19, which isn't going to dim anytime soon – and we’ll be there reporting on it at every turn."

Andy Davies, CEO at Texere, added, “Hot on the heels of our December 2022 launch of The New Optometrist, we are delighted to announce another exciting brand – one that straddles our Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Science sectors. ID Transmission ramps up our coverage of infectious diseases – inarguably, a highly important field. With Frank Stoll and Editor Liv Gaskill at the helm, I expect great things!” 

You can find out more about ID Transmission by visiting the Texere Publishing website where you can also watch a short video providing more detail about the new brand.

You can also visit the newly launched ID Transmission website here and register to the weekly newsletter here.


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