The science of media - Video: An Ocean of Opportunity


04/27/2023 | Richard Hodson

The creative avenues offered by video are astonishing. But it can be all too easy to take the well trodden path – talking heads, exhibition content, repurposed webinars...


There is nothing wrong with these approaches. But if you've got the appetite for something different, there are many exciting ways you can elevate your video content – helping you wow your audience and stand out from the crowd. Doing something different may demand a little bravery – but the more dynamic output is your reward.

People power


Modern industrialized markets stand on foundations of good people. People drive research, creativity, ideas – and, ultimately, business.

No matter how great a product or service, in B2B markets the core of a deal is predicated on the people with whom we collaborate. There is never a bad time to showcase your talent or let genuine personalities shine.

We can help you shine a spotlight on your greatest asset - your people.

Brave and Bold


Anything can be interesting. Looking at a production facility or construction site from a different angle – literally – can create sparks and smiles. By being open to creativity – and having the bravery to exploit your audience's thirst for something different – you may just find a new story to tell.

We can help you tell a less obvious story.

If you would like to discuss how video can creatively tell your story, email us here.

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Richard Hodson

Chief Commercial Officer at Texere Publishing