Texere Publishing in 2020

Texere Publishing in 2020: Renewed Growth and Fearless Journalism in Challenging Times

Even during the pandemic, Texere Publishing’s sales and readership growth continued as did its bold journalistic coverage of hard-hitting topics in the sciences and medicine.

New York, U.S., February 16, 2021 – In a recent Board meeting, Texere Publishing’s Chairman and Ex-President and CEO of BBC Worldwide Americas, Peter Phippen, announced that Texere “is poised to become one of the fastest growing publishing companies in science and medicine,” with continued rapid year-on-year growth. 


Texere Publishing’s sales in the U.S. alone grew by over 17% in 2020 and globally they were up by 11% for the privately-held company. As their coverage of groundbreaking advances and crucial issues in science and medicine expanded, overall readership across Texere’s leading titles grew by 13.6% and website traffic doubled.


With the advent of the global pandemic and the resulting shift in the needs of their clients and readers, Texere was able to weather the storm and show their agility and ability to adapt. Through its digital service department – which saw a  record year in 2020 – Texere helped its clients and readers to navigate the obstacles imposed by COVID-19 enforced restrictions. As a result, Texere experienced a 70% increase in their digital event services business, a 108% rise in their website advertising business and a 50% jump in their direct email business. Remote capture video solutions also allowed their clients to make business-vital presentations to their customers in spite of the pandemic.  


Creating new products to serve the needs of a changing world

2020 also saw Texere launch important new editorial offerings to satisfy the information and educational needs of their ever-expanding readership base. Titles such as The COVID-19 Curator and The Cell + Gene Curator garnered outstanding reader engagement with 45% email open rates. Expanded cannabis legalization and medical use led The Cannabis Scientist to launch The Cannabis + Cannabinoid Curator to meet scientists’ need for vetted information in this growing field.


These new offerings underscored Texere Publishing’s aim to provide top quality resources to help scientists and medical professionals advance their field, their careers and their networks irrespective of the challenging global situation.


Fearless reporting in science and medicine

Texere Publishing’s journalists and science writers reported on challenging topics in 2020.


The view from Texere Publishing’s leadership

Andrew Davies, Texere Publishing’s CEO said, “The great thing about our team is their dedication and agility. We all came together during COVID and were determined to continue supporting our clients and our readers in the best way that we could, in spite of the challenges that the pandemic presented to us all. In some ways, the pandemic’s challenges fueled our out of the box thinking for new solutions. That creativity and accomplishment sets a nice framework for 2021 and our tenth anniversary next year.”


Dawn Tyler, Portfolio Manager at Mercia Asset Management PLC, one of the venture capital firms working with Texere Publishing says, “We were impressed with the Texere team’s performance in the face of the many challenges COVID posed in 2020. We look toward another year of successful growth in 2021.”


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