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2021 Power List Celebrating The Most Influential Medicine Makers of The Past Year




Glaucoma and the Pandemic: A Surgery-Led Approach

The Ophthalmologist Assembles Expert Panel to Discuss Glaucoma Patient Care in a Pandemic

“Glaucoma and the Pandemic: A Surgery-Led Approach” brings together a global panel of ophthalmic experts to discuss the impact of COVID-19 measures on glaucoma treatment, the challenges of remote IOP monitoring and the use of  surgical innovations.





Celebrating 100 Women in Ophthalmology

The Ophthalmologist releases its first-ever Top 100 Women in Ophthalmology Power List

The Ophthalmologist 2021 Power List looks to address gender inequality in ophthalmology by recognizing the top 100 women and showcasing their contributions in all areas of the field.





The Pathologist Announces Fellowship

The Pathologist announces launch of a one-of-a-kind fellowship program in collaboration with Loyola University Health System

The Digital Communications Fellowship addresses the critical need for pathology trainees and residents to build a distinctive online presence by leveraging digital communications strategies that advance the field and deliver personal and professional success.





The Medicine Maker Announces the Grand Winner of the Innovation Awards 2020

Despite facing the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, innovation in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing technologies remained strong in 2020. Congratulations to The Medicine Maker Innovation Awards 2020 Grand Winner: The Smart Container by Schott Pharmaceutical Systems.





“What’s New in Cannabis Analysis?”

The Cannabis Scientist Collaborates with Pittcon to understand “What’s New in Cannabis Analysis?”

At Pittcon 2021, The Cannabis Scientist will lead an important networking session of experts to better understand what advanced cannabis analytical protocols are now required as standards within the industry continue to evolve.





The Cannabis Scientist Power List 2021

The Cannabis Scientist Celebrates the Most Influential People in Cannabis Science

The Cannabis Scientist today announced its 2021 Power List  – celebrating key figures, thought leaders, and opinion shapers in the field.





Texere Publishing in 2020

Texere Publishing in 2020: Renewed Growth and Fearless Journalism in Challenging Times

Even during the pandemic, Texere Publishing’s sales and readership growth continued as did its bold journalistic coverage of hard-hitting topics in the sciences and medicine.