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Texere Publishing Announces New Chairman




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The Analytical Scientist Announces 2021 Innovation Awards




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Texere Publishing Achieves a Key Milestone with the 100th Issue of The Analytical Scientist




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The Ophthalmologist Publishes a One-of-a-Kind Takeover Issue in Collaboration with Leading Scientists and Practitioners




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Texere Launches Online Media Center, Continuing its Digital First Mission and Further Enhancing Client Experience




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The Pathologist Announces its 2021 Power List to Celebrate those Leading the Charge in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine




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Texere Publishing joins the Breathe Culture Pledge to demonstrate investment in their people’s development and wellbeing


Positive workplace culture is essential to small business productivity, as toxic cultures are estimated to cost the UK economy an eye-watering £15.7 billion per year.




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The Medicine Maker convenes experts to explore how key learnings from the pandemic could accelerate the development of cell and gene therapies




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Texere Publishing Achieves Bronze at Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Awards




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The Ophthalmologist Publishes the Untold Story of David K. McDonogh, America’s First Black Ophthalmologist




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The Pathologist and Loyola University Health System Announce Digital Communications Fellows




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The Ophthalmologist Power List: The Path to Success Roundtable

The Ophthalmologist Hosts a Roundtable Featuring the Top Experts in Ophthalmology




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The Pathologist Roundtable - The Pandemic: One Year On

The Pathologist Hosts Roundtable of COVID-19 Experts to Discuss the Pandemic One Year On




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2021 Power List Celebrating The Most Influential Medicine Makers of The Past Year




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Glaucoma and the Pandemic: A Surgery-Led Approach

The Ophthalmologist Assembles Expert Panel to Discuss Glaucoma Patient Care in a Pandemic




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Celebrating 100 Women in Ophthalmology

The Ophthalmologist releases its first-ever Top 100 Women in Ophthalmology Power List




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The Pathologist Announces Fellowship

The Pathologist announces launch of a one-of-a-kind fellowship program in collaboration with Loyola University Health System




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The Medicine Maker Innovation Awards

The Medicine Maker Announces the Grand Winner of the Innovation Awards 2020




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“What’s New in Cannabis Analysis?”

The Cannabis Scientist Collaborates with Pittcon to understand “What’s New in Cannabis Analysis?”




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The Cannabis Scientist Power List 2021

The Cannabis Scientist Celebrates the Most Influential People in Cannabis Science




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Texere Publishing in 2020

Texere Publishing in 2020: Renewed Growth and Fearless Journalism in Challenging Times




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