Texere Publishing Celebrates 10 Years of Storytelling and Success



New York, US, June 20, 2022 – Texere Publishing is this week celebrating its 10th anniversary. As they reach this milestone, the team reflects on successes to date, sincerely thanks readers, contributors, and partners – the “extended family” – and hints at what another decade of growth might look like.


And the proverbial icing on the big birthday cake? Reward and recognition of the company’s focus on its most important asset: people. In its 10th anniversary year, Texere is extremely proud to have scooped up Investors in People Silver Accreditation and the AOP’s Employer Excellence Award. The team is also eagerly awaiting the results of the Mind's Workplace Wellbeing Index 2021/22, which will be announced on June 23 – watch this space!




Founded on June 20, 2012, Texere has grown from strength to strength – propelled by the vision, passion, and ambition of the original founding team. Today, Texere commands an enviable presence in Europe, North America and beyond, driven by successful brand launches into analytical science, healthcare, and (bio)pharmaceutical markets. And it shows no signs of slowing down; in March 2022, Texere announced The New Optometrist, and the team is now busy planning a new launch into the infectious disease space, following well received coverage throughout the pandemic.


“Ten years ago, we simply wanted to fill the significant void between journals and so-called trade magazines. Our resulting pursuit of high-quality but accessible content – and our total focus on the personalities behind the breakthroughs – connected us to the communities we serve in a very special way,” said CEO Andy Davies, reflecting on Texere’s recipe for success. “And after working hard for 10 years, I honestly believe we’ve had an impact well beyond our own walls – our presence has invited all players to raise their respective games.”


Texere’s community-focused approach has proven to be highly robust; in 2021, while the world was still reeling from pandemic challenges, the company posted record revenues. But Texere is far from complacent. Ten years is a long time in media, and the company has doubled down on digitalization, serving niche audiences with compelling content in digestible formats and providing clients with new ways to reach more qualified leads.


And many thanks


Certainly, Texere can celebrate 10 years of success, but Davies is keen to point out that a compelling idea and excellent execution is only half the battle. “I’m incredibly proud of what the Texere family has achieved over the years, but I’m also well aware that our success was only made possible by the many people who supported us on our journey,” says Davies. “You can be sure that, when we collectively raise a glass to celebrate our anniversary, it will be swiftly followed by a heartfelt toast to thank our extended family – all the readers, contributors, and partners who’ve not only allowed us to get this far, but also made it extremely enjoyable! We cannot wait to see what the next decade has in store!”


What will the next 10 years look like? More disruptive brands, more innovative content, more collaboration, more success and growth – and many more people to thank.


Watch the video: CEO Andy Davies reflects on the past 10 years.


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