Texere Publishing Launches The New Optometrist, Demonstrating Its Ongoing Commitment to the Eyecare Market



New York, US, March 29, 2022 – Texere Publishing has today launched The New Optometrist to expand its presence and impact in the eyecare market. The New Optometrist recognizes the increasingly important role of optometrists in eyecare and provides a forum for all optometrists to exchange opinions and ideas – whether celebrating the positive or confronting the negative. Working closely with thought leaders and established professionals, The New Optometrist will share wisdom and best practices, connect its audience to the latest vision research and advances, and provide a sense of community.


Following significant investment in audience development, The New Optometrist already had market penetration of almost 20 percent in the UK prior to launch – and the fully opted-in audience continues to grow.


“We have listened to our partners and readers, and identified a need within the optometry market for a stronger sense of community and an independent voice that provides genuine insight into this exciting field. Optometry will never be the same again.” said Andrew Davies, CEO at Texere Publishing. “With an established eyecare team, we have access to in-house expertise and a network of professionals, which have allowed us to get off to a flying start. In 2022, we celebrate Texere’s 10th anniversary; I cannot think of a better, happier, or bolder way to mark it than with the launch of a new brand!”


The New Optometrist is managed by the same team who are responsible for The Ophthalmologist (www.theophthalmologist.com), which was established in 2014 and has amassed a global audience of over 70,000.


Find out more about The New Optometrist and sign up.


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