The Medicine Maker Announces the Grand Winner of the Innovation Awards 2020



New York, U.S., March 10, 2021 – In December 2020, The Medicine Maker Innovation Awards celebrated the 18 most groundbreaking drug development and manufacturing technologies to hit the market in 2020. But which technology was the most innovative? It was up to loyal readers of The Medicine Maker to decide. From December 2020 to March 2021, readers and visitors to The Medicine Maker website had the opportunity to vote for their top technology of 2020.


Today, The Medicine Maker is delighted to announce the Grand Winner of the 2020 Innovation Award: the Smart Container by Schott Pharmaceutical Systems.

The Smart Container features a data-matrix-code that allows each vial to be traced throughout the fill-finish-process – and beyond. According to Schott Pharmaceutical Systems, the Smart Container ensures each container is matched with the right content, cap, label, and secondary packaging based on the data stored in the system. The containers can also help automate reject management and line clearance by collecting line performance data of the entire fill-and-finish process.


Though appreciating there can only be one Grand Winner, The Medicine Maker also congratulates two strong runners up:


  • GPEX Boost Technology from Catalent Biologics – cell line expression technology for improving titers and cell-specific productivity.
  • AdhereIT 360 Base and AdhereIT Clip from Noble and Aptar Pharma – a system that integrates with self-injection devices to support patients during treatment.


Stephanie Sutton, Editor of The Medicine Maker, said, “For The Medicine Maker Innovation Awards 2020, industry 4.0 was a clear theme; we received many nominations for digital solutions and technologies. I think this highlights how keenly the pharma industry is embracing digital technologies in a bid to drive new efficiencies in all areas of drug development. Schott Pharmaceutical Systems’ Smart Container could help enable traceability and facilitate industry 4.0 throughout the fill-finish process and beyond.”


The Medicine Maker will publish the development story on the Smart Container in an upcoming issue.


Nominations for The Medicine Maker 2021 Innovation Awards will open soon. The finalists will be published in the December issue. Anyone interested in the 2021 awards can sign up for The Medicine Maker newsletter at to receive the latest updates.


Where can the full 2020 Innovation Awards finalists be found?

The full Innovation Awards showcase can be accessed here and is also available in the downloadable PDF of the December 2020 issue of The Medicine Maker.


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