The Pathologist Announces its 2021 Power List to Celebrate those Leading the Charge in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine



Cheshire, UK, July 30, 2021 – The Pathologist today announced its 2021 Power List, which honors some of the laboratory’s most inspirational minds.


The Power List is an annual celebration of all aspects of pathology and laboratory medicine. With the advent of COVID-19, the past year has seen huge advances – from developing faster tests and increasing accuracy to working with staff and reagent shortages and adapting labs to operate within the bounds of social distancing. And the challenge didn’t end with COVID-19; even in the face of a pandemic, labs fought to ensure the fastest and best possible care for all patients at all times and to continue developing tests, treatments, and preventions across all fields of medicine.


For 2021, the editorial team at The Pathologist wanted to recognize these breakthroughs and the valuable contributions of a wide range of professionals in the industry – so, this year, the list recognizes people across six categories: 

  • Behind the Scenes: non-pathologist laboratory professionals
  • In the Wings: early-career laboratory professionals
  • Leading Roles: educators and mentors
  • In the Spotlight: outreach and advocacy
  • Showstoppers: drivers of discovery
  • Front(line) and Center: pandemic heroes


Readers of The Pathologist were invited to nominate those deserving of inclusion on this prestigious list. A panel of independent and anonymous judges then reviewed the full list of nominees before selecting the finalists for each category.


Michael Schubert, Editor of The Pathologist, says, “Through a year and a half of ongoing efforts, laboratories never gave up. Not only against COVID-19, but also against the routine diseases humanity continues to fight. Cancer, genetic disorders, infections… these challenges didn’t go away when the pandemic began and neither did laboratorians’ dedication to finding new diagnostics and treatment options. The Power List is our way of celebrating the individuals who have contributed massively to the progress that continues to be made.”


The full 2021 Power List can be found online here


The Power List is also available in print and in the downloadable PDF of the July/August issue, which will soon be available here.


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