Texere Publishing Achieves a Key Milestone with the 100th Issue of The Analytical Scientist



New York, US, October 19, 2021 – Eight years of publishing excellence. Nearly 1,000 Power List awardees. Global audience of 186,000 analytical science professionals. And now, one hundred issues. These are only some of the accomplishments that Texere Publishing Limited celebrates with the publication of the 100th issue of The Analytical Scientist. 


Since 2013 when it was first published, The Analytical Scientist has provided the field of analytical science with innovative industry reporting, insightful interviews with influential researchers and executives, and recognition of top leaders with the publication of the annual Power List. As the first Texere Publishing brand, The Analytical Scientist rose to the challenge of setting the highest standard in editorial quality and impactful reporting for the analytical sciences – and set the standard  of excellence for future Texere Publishing brands. 


In addition to delivering readers the professional information they need to succeed, The Analytical Scientist plays a key role as a marketing partner for organizations looking to reach professionals in the analytical science fields. These partner organizations, primarily scientific instrument and service providers, deliver crucial, innovative technologies and applications that support the advancement of those working in analytical science. As its 100th issue is published, it is clear that The Analytical Scientist has not only shared crucial new technology that advances the field forward, but it has also earned the reputation of a “must-read” publication.


The October 2021 issue features the highly anticipated 2021 Power List, which highlights the top 100 leaders in the analytical sciences. Power Listers relate their insights about the profession, challenges that they have overcome, and the people and technologies that have made their successes possible.


In addition to this year’s Power List, the issue looks at the past, present and future of the analytical science field: 


  • Fifteen Power Listers reveal the single biggest challenge facing the field in 2021 and beyond.
  • Rising young stars explain their work, their passions, and whether they have a “grand plan” for their careers.
  • Partners of The Analytical Scientist explain in a series of sponsored profiles how they, as individuals and organizations, overcame challenges to achieve success. 


James Strachan, Editor of The Analytical Scientist, shares his thoughts on the magazine’s milestone: “It has been a privilege to work on the 100th issue alongside colleagues who have been there from the very beginning. Here’s to another 100 issues, as we follow the twists and turns along the way!”   

Read the 100th issue of The Analytical Scientist here.


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