The Analytical Scientist Announces 2021 Innovation Awards



New York, US, December 16, 2021 – Texere Publishing’s The Analytical Scientist continues its mission to support advancement in the analytical sciences with the announcement of its Innovation Award winners. 


The 2021 Innovation Awards include 15 innovations deemed to be most impactful of the year. Ranked number one in the awards is SCIEX’s ZenoTOF 7600 System, a new QTOF mass spectrometer that includes a Zeno trap to increase duty cycle and EAD (electron activation dissociation) for alternate fragmentations and improved structural characterization. “This is a new generation QTOF mass spectrometer from one of the industry leaders in QTOF technology,” said the judges. “The improvements in speed and sensitivity are clearly huge leaps over previous generations – as is the new EAD cell to generate fragment ion mass spectra.” 


Launched in 2013, the much anticipated annual awards acknowledge and shine a spotlight on the latest and most impactful advancements making waves in the analytical science field –  and beyond. Readers of The Analytical Scientist are invited to nominate the innovations they feel deserve recognition. A judging panel comprised of top leaders in the field then evaluate the submitted entries for that calendar year and select the top 15 innovations. The only rules are that the technology or solution must have been released (or planned for release) in 2021 – and it must be expected to have a significant impact on analytical science. 


Andrew Davies, Texere Publishing CEO said, “The very conception of The Analytical Scientist was to cover trailblazing technology and other advances in the field. From the very start, our editorial team embraced the wider objective of partnering with companies in the field to showcase and promote their novel advances. This current group of winners of the Innovation Awards underscores Texere’s dedication to be at the forefront of progress in the analytical sciences and deliver our support to those who lead the way.” 


James Strachan, the Editor of the Analytical Scientist says this about the 2021 Innovation Award winners, “The technologies featured in this year’s Innovation Awards promise greater sensitivity, resolution, flexibility, and speed – with a broad range of possible applications; others are more targeted, with the potential to create new opportunities in cancer research, environmental monitoring, biopharmaceutical development, ‘omics research, and more; some take innovations from other fields and put them to good use; and a few are ground-breaking. They certainly paint an exciting picture of the future of analytical science.”

The full list of winners for 2021 is available here and is also published in the December 2021 issue of The Analytical Scientist.


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