Exploring humanity’s ongoing battle against infectious diseases.

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals, organizations, governments, and the general public are realizing that the next threat is likely just around the corner. ID Transmission explores the emerging science of infectious diseases, the technologies, and the people behind them, becoming a hub for everyone working in this broad sector.


The ID Transmission audience encompasses healthcare and life science professionals working across the clinical, industrial, and academic sectors, who either have an interest in or work with infectious diseases. These interests range from diagnostics and epidemiology to vaccines and treatment development – with the exponentially growing sector of data and informatics also coming into particular focus.


Ultimately, ID Transmission will cement its position as the go-to media outlet for this exciting field.


You can visit the new ID Transmission website here.

Audience data is dynamic

ID Transmission’s interactions with its audience – and vice versa – are ever-changing. And that means the data story we share with our customers is never static. Texere Publishing has developed an integrated suite of tools that power your campaign with ID Transmission.


  • Customer Data Platform
  • Cross-Channel Behavioral Deployment
  • Detailed Single-Customer View
  • Up-to-the-Minute Campaign Analytics

Our data and analytics team provide unrivaled reach for your message. Our powerful segmentation and targeting platform ensures that you are only investing in a relevant and engaged audiences, delivering results and return on investment.

Products & Services

We offer a range of strategic tools for supporting your company’s advertising, long-term positioning, and content-first marketing approach - enabling you to engage with valuable followers in your market.



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