The Ophthalmologist is different.


We are not a “trade mag,” but we do publish engaging, stylish magazines – digitally and in print for North America and the

rest of the world.

We don’t add to the online noise, but we do share compelling content through our website and social media channels.
We don’t jump onto the latest media bandwagon, but we do produce high-quality videos, online discussions, and podcasts that

add real value.

The Ophthalmologist brings people together. We give a voice to everyone in the field of ophthalmology. We tell stories. We provide a platform for connections and exchange. And we actively listen to our audience, our contributors – and our partners.

Covering the greatest stories by collaborating with the brightest and best, The Ophthalmologist exists at heart of ophthalmology, educating, informing, and influencing doctors across the globe.


Read an example of The Ophthalmologist newsletter here or visit our website here.

Audience data is dynamic

The Ophthalmologist’s interactions with its audience – and vice versa – are ever-changing. That means the data story we share with our customers is never static. Texere Publishing has developed an integrated suite of best-in-class tools that will power your campaign with The Ophthalmologist.


  • Customer Data Platform
  • Cross-Channel Behavioral Deployment
  • Detailed Single-Customer View
  • Up-to-the-Minute Campaign Analytics

Our data and analytics team provide unrivaled reach for your message...
Our powerful segmentation and targeting platform ensures that you are only investing in a relevant and engaged audience...
Delivering results and return on investment.

Editorial Calendar

Download our calendar for details of upcoming content here.

Products & Services

The Ophthalmologist offers all the products and services you'd expect from a modern media company. Can't find what you're looking for? We probably do that too – simply get in touch here.



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Group Editor: Julian Upton |

Deputy Editor: Alun Evans |

Content Director: Rich Whitworth |

Publishing Director: Neil Hanley |

Publisher: Sam Blacklock |

Business Development Manager North America: Ross Terrone |

Business Development Manager: Clare O'Neill-Gill |

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