Who We Are

Brimming with fresh ideas, quick to adapt to changing needs, and driven by quality: we are Texere.

Texere [Latin; verb]:  to weave, or to construct with elaborate care


Founded in 2012 by heavyweight publishing entrepreneurs and a talented team, Texere Publishing continues with its bold mission: to redefine the concepts of content and community within scientific, technical and medical markets.


With venture capital backing and clear success stories to date, Texere has emerged as a market leader in its targeted sectors, building on an ever-growing portfolio.

Our Portfolio

Our Mission and Promise

We endeavor to produce the most compelling content, develop engaged global communities, and provide outstanding opportunities for our business partners.


By reporting on the latest research and applications, by discussing societal impact field, by covering professional development, career and business issues, and by celebrating each field, we aim to provide professionals in key sectors of science, technology and medicine with both a primary content source and a sense of community.


Science, technology and medicine shape our lives and our world. At Texere, we promise to capture the triumphs, failures, opportunities and challenges in these vital human pursuits.

Our Talented Team

The carefully selected and dynamic Texere team is united by its pursuit of excellence. Our uniqueness lies in our diversity, with expert knowledge gained from combined experiences working in the life sciences, chemical and applied markets, healthcare, and beyond.


In our endeavors, we are supported by an outstanding board of directors that draws upon further experience from publishing and other industries.